Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cute as a Button!

This Lil Miss is simply Cute as a Button, exactly what her shirt says! Isn't this little hat super adorable? My Nana bought this and sent it with Memaw and Pepaw. We put it on her that weekend and I thought she had broken it because she pulled that bow off( but its just clipped through the holes).

So I put her cap on her before we headed out to the grocery on Sunday but it didn't last but a minute in the back seat! Don't ask me why I didn't try putting it on her for church because thats a social place to look stylish for...but I didn't. I suppose it wouldn't have lasted there either!

Love that daddy in the background too!

So here is my vent about my day today....basically it sucked and I had one of those hormonal pregnancy days. Had myself a lil cry. (Thanks babe) But I got it off my shoulders (Thanks mom).
Came home fed the lil monkey and started making my version of PW's Tomato Soup. The cooking soothed me and Grace was a doll just a happy babe running around. Also my sister text me and let me know that she got an A on her math midterm! I am soo very proud of her. She works full time and goes to school and that is hard sometimes, but she keeps plugging at it. I love her! Mimi Seeko!

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