Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remember this corn on the cob baby???

Last night it was so nice, Summer Girl was in her element. We had BBQ chicken and corn on the cob and leftover bean dip. While we were waiting for the chicken to cook, I told Grace that she was going to sit in that chair and I was going to sit in this chair and she loved that! She was eating bean dip while we were waiting and she kept going back to "her" chair. So when dinner came we got her plate and cup and pulled her up to it and she sat so good outside. So much fun and what a big girl!
Of course she got full on bean dip instead of corn on the cob and chicken. And we ended up getting to bed late last night so we had to go to bed early tonight because she was crabby when she woke up this morning. KSov also took some Tylenol to daycare around noon today because they told me this morning that yesterday she was rubbing her ear and seemed cranky. My poor lil thing..hopefully that doesn't last long.

This was on Friday night I think. We put her red little sandals her Nana got her last summer and she looked so cute, but they are too tight! I was super bummed because they weren't too short but they are hard to velcro around her feet and I think I strapped them on too tight so they would stay on. But I think she liked walking around in them because she was running around all silly when she was wearing them.

Look at her trying to stomp in those sandals!

So Saturday after I got home from work and when Grace woke up from her nap we went to Cold Stone and had an afternoon ice cream treat. We let her have her own chocolate ice cream cone (this will not happen so frequently later but seeing as though she just had surgery I was feeling generous). She was so cute and got chocolate all over! We went to the park and walked around and looked at the ducks. I do believe she knows a duck says quack. She kept saying something that sounded like quack quack over and over.
The other thing she is loving to do lately is shriek and scream and be chased. On Sunday after church and laundry at home we went down to Grandmas for dinner. While us grownups were playing a game of Catch Phrase downstairs in the living room, the Lil Miss was running around back and forth screaming and laughing getting into stuff having a grand ole time. Yes she was.
I am so amazed at how much she is learning and understands these days. I wish we would have stuck with the sign language because I know she understands so much. Everynight last week we feed the dogs and the dogs sit on their beds and wait till we give them the release command which is, "Free". So everynight I pick Grace up and whisper in her ear, "What do we tell the doggies? Free. Tell the doggies free" Then I end up saying and they run to their food bowls and Grace waves her arms and loves it! So last night I do the whole spiel and then this time she said something that sound like, "Sheee!" So cute!!!!! I loved it!
So those are my new stories and the following video I really can't remember what I was trying to get her to do and haven't watched it back yet. So enjoy!
Oh and by the way I am 11 weeks today and feeling good! Just thought I keep you updated.

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Beth said...

She really is getting to be a big girl. Soon she will be in a booster chair up to the table with mama and dada! I can just see her telling her doggies, "free"! Adorable!