Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

This post is super pic heavy but you will want to read all the way thru because there is a surprise at the end! I did not pose us like this on purpose, but I thought it was kinda of cute. Trying to get a pic of Grace's Easter dress from a friend of Memaws.
Mommy's Easter outfit, but her eyes are closed!

Her bow in one hand and a tassell in the other.

I am so cute Mama!

I thought this was darling. A friend of Janeens was over for Easter dinner and these boys are hers, Marshall is holding Grace and he was so sweet with her,

Can you read her T-Shirt??? Can you tell our news, we changed her out of her Easter dress into this surprise shirt.

Maybe this pic is easier to read???

The birthday boy. His birthday was yesterday and we had yummy chocolate pudding cake for his birthday.

This is Grace finding the Easter eggs that Daddy "hid". She was soooooo cute finding her eggs and then putting them in her bag.

I got the video out and started videoing her. A Easter tradition at Grandma Janeen's house is a thing called Eggs Rolls, which mean we take colored hard boiled eggs and roll them on the ground toward each others egg trying to crack the other person's egg. So that being said Grace had her share of turns rolling eggs and just check out the video of her. After she picked up her plastic eggs she started throwing them out!

So did you figure out our news? Well if you couldn't guess from her lil shirt we are pregnant and are having another baby. The baby is due on Nov 5th and I will be about 9 weeks on Tuesday. We are excited and praying for another healthy lil baby!
I am feeling ok and so far this pregnancy has been easier than the first (quick knock on wood!!!! lol ) Had some queasiness when Memaw and Pepaw were here, but now I have figured out that if I eat regularly and don't let my stomach get too empty then I am good.
Of course you were probably wondering why I hadn't been posting about working out, and I haven't been. I have been tired and moving around a lot makes me feel sicker.
Hopefully I will feel like walking again in the 2nd trimester!


Beth said...

You are both beautiful all dressed up for Easter! Grace looks absolutely adorable in her pink dress! I can't wait to hear about your day and everyone's reactions.

SOVEREEN'S :) said...

YEAH!!! How exciting for you guys!! We are so excited...well I am, Curtis doesn't know yet, but when I tell him I know he will be:) Love you guys!! Congratulations again!!


oh my goodness! congratulations! this is so wonderful :)...

Alyssa Marie said...

Congratulations! :) I hope it's another girl. Sisters are the greatest if you ask me. :)

Beckie said...

Congrats! THat is so exciting.

Joshua J said...

dang! you look way good in those first pictures. Lori and I were both like, "Ashley looks so good!" then i said, jinks and now she owes me a coke :)