Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday and Saturday

Early Friday morning around 5am Grace threw up for the first time ever. Mommy and Daddy both got up and changed her and her sheets and then put her back to sleep praying that this was a "something she ate" thing instead of a lil bug. An hour later when we got up for work, she had thrown up again and Daddy stayed home with the sweet girl. She only threw up those 2 times and seemed to be feeling better enough to have some oatmeal and crackers in the mid morning. Then at noon they came up and met me for lunch and we went next door to a Mexican restuarant where she had some water and guacamole. She fell asleep on the way home and then also took a good nap and woke up about 450pm. Daddy ordered a pizza but she wasn't really interested in food so we we just played and then put her down.

Last night both Daddy and Grace slept restlessly. This morning we had a rough morning. She woke up fine and happy but had a bunch of really bad diapers (probably the antibiotics she is on catching up to her or could be part of the bug she had too). Poor thing her tummy was upsetting her and she didn't want anything to eat, except a couple bites of yogurt. Then she drank and drank a ton of water (too much water because she threw it up shortly after that) So we have been making sure she gets some fluids but not downing the water. Had some more bites of yogurt before her nap...oh and we let her have this popsicle for "breakfast". Daddy showed her again how to stick her tongue out and lick it and she got the cocept this time! She loved that popsicle and it calmed her down and distracted her from whining and not feeling good.

Poor thing..well I hear her waking up from her nap. And don't mind my Saturday Morning Just woke up hair! LOL

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