Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We took Grace's firetruck outside for the first time and filled it up with water. She loved it! She thought it was so cool and now if she would just learn to drive it with her feet!

On a side note I was 12 weeks along yesterday! Almost out of the first trimester. Still wishing I could have those naps my grandmother was wishing for me! But pretty much feel fine. Although I have started feeling kinda of gassy/heartburny the last couple of days. Especially since I was eating too much strawberries and chocolate! :) But I am excited to begin the 2nd trimester and I know this wont last for long, all the "discomforts" that come with pregnancy. My lil babe is about 2 inches long right now the size of a lime! I will try to start getting some belly pics soon, because believe me I can see my uterus popping out more quickly this time! Love yall!

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Beth said...

We got such a kick out of her little laugh and facial expressions with the water! Yay, three months and starting the 2nd trimester...time to start feeling great! You look fantastic sweetie!