Monday, April 12, 2010

Right Before Bed...

....I took a video of this little darling playing with a medicine dropper. She is fascinated with it. Then I got her to jump on her rocking horse again and give it kisses. KSov managed to get her over it by kind of tricking/forcing her on it! HA! I was amazed at the time, maybe because she was focused on Memaw and Pepaw and not daddy lifting her onto it. So she has been on it a couple of other times now, although not for very long. She bailed off of it tonight, and was cracking me up as I tried to take this video and catch her...silly girl.

Daddy is out of town again this week. Boo on that. We miss him. This morning was a chicken with its head cut off morning. I was soo tired and and felt like I didn't sleep. The lil Miss fussed a lot last night and that kept me up as well as I think I didn't sleep well overall. I was talking with my mom and I think its time that we get ride of the monitor in our room. And then we woldn't hear her when she has those fussy moments that doesn't require us to get up with her. I do worry about not hearing her when she really does need me, but I suppose most moms worry about that huh? Sleep is important afterall... lol.

Wednesday I have my dr appointment and hopefully I will hear the heartbeat, because I will be 10 weeks tomorrow.

Did I mention Grace turned 15 Months on Saturday? I can't believe that, seems like she just turned 13 months and now its 2 months past that! I think she knows a new word too. Daycare says Caca for yucky, (I hate that word, it just sounds gross) and the other day I was changing a very poopy diaper. I kept saying to her, "Hold still you have a stinky bottom." Then she was making Caaaaak Caaaak sounds. I didn't repeat it because like I said I don't like that word. But I thought it was funny.

Well I got to jam its getting late and try to get to bed early, eh? Novel concept...

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