Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tubes Surgery Tomorrow Morning

Here she is this little monkey eating chocolate pudding with daddy. See her little hands? She puts her fingers in this "I don't know" movement a lot now. I think it means, "All done!" A few times when I am changing her diaper and she is quite done with me (especially a few days ago because she had a bad diaper rash) she makes this face like, "Mommy I am all done now, stop doing that!" And she moves her hands like that. Its so cute. Also she will do that sometimes when she is at her high chair and all done. I don't remember why she was doing this in this picture, but her fingers are so cute. Look at that chocolate mouth, open wide!

"Daddy your so funny!"

I took this picture before I took that video the other night. I love it!

So her surgery for having tubes put in and her andoids removed is tomorrow morning and we check in at 745am. She can't eat 8 hours before her surgery but she can have some water or apple juice. The surgery will only take 30-45 minutes so I am happy about that. Daddy just text me a few minutes ago and he was shutting down and getting ready to leave. Hopefully we can figure out who watches our Lil Miss tomorrow. So everyone prayer for Dr. Miller because he will be doing her surgery! I will update as soon as I can tomorrow. Thanks!

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definitely will be praying for the little one as well as you guys and the doc!
ps - there was a kid at the daycare center i used to work at who used baby sign...ESPECIALLY the "all done" move...and surely used it several times while i was changing his diaper (constantly had a diaper rash - poor kid!) is very cute, during some moments. you should post a video of gracie doing it!