Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Air" Bear

I promised a post about Aaron and here you go. My son is getting so big these days. Well long anyway! He is so different from Grace. I think he will be long and skinny. He is already wearing his 3-6 month sleepers because his legs and arms stick out of the 3 month ones. But he doesn't have a lot of chub yet. Last night was the first night he slept in Daddy's office and we had the monitor on. We had been planning on doing it for awhile but whenever I thought about moving the cradle he would be in it asleep for his nap! Last night he also slept in his sleep sack for the 1st time. And the reason for that is lately he has been pitching some mean fits whenever I try to swaddle him. I am not sure what the deal is, but when he gets mad, WHOA watch out! His face turns bright red and he gets this high pitched scream and he kick his arms and legs kinda at the same time while throwing his head. You can tell he is either in a lot of pain or mad. And since I don't think he is any pain, he is mad, really really mad. He likes to be warm though so I had to put socks on his hands to keep is hands warm and to keep his sleeves up. I also was cold last night so I had the heat up. Tonight I have him in a 3-6 month long sleeved onesie underneath his fleece sleeper. He also has socks on his feet and hands. I do worry about the socks on his hands a little bit because he loves putting his hands in his mouth all the time. It really soothes him to be sucking on his hand or thumb. Aaron is going to be such a thinker. Already we were talking about how you can see him thinking. You really can. I will see his eyes look at my eyes and then go to my mouth and then he furrows his brow and quirks his mouth to the side.

I love his smile and he just lights up whenever I talk to him. A couple of days ago I set him on his tummy on our bed and he rolled over! I need to give him more tummy time, I am really bad about that because he likes being held so much. But tonight Daddy pulled the exersaucer (I think that's what you call it) up from storage and we put him in while we ate dinner and cleaned up. He really seemed to like it. And Grace loved it! She obeyed (for the most part) when we told her not to climb on it, but she loved turning the music on for Aaron and she kept smiling at him and saying Hi over and over again. And he would just watch her. Then the music would stop and she would run around to the other side to turn it on again and he would try to follow her. Such good sweet children.

A few weeks ago I posted about Aaron's schedule. However I jumped the gun on that one. Because if we had a schedule its now been thrown out the window! At night the last week I have been putting him to bed after Grace around 830-10 depending on how quickly he gets to sleep after he nurses. But naps? No schedule there. In fact I said today that I think our children might just be bad nappers. I say that because I was reading through my previous posts when Grace was first born and a theme throughout was No Naps. And she still will nap sometimes and then not or just barely. And it seems like Aaron is turning out the same way. Like he has horrible naps in the mornings most days and then I might get 2 hours in the afternoon, with a spattering of 20-30 min naps thrown in throughout the day. And he is a baby! He is supposed to sleep! Here is the kicker though, I know for a fact without a doubt that he does NOT like to be startled or loud noises or kids screaming or people laughing to loud. He will stick out a pouty lip and frown his brow and start to cry. If he is nursing he will yank and yoink and grunt. So it baffles me that he sleeps in the car like the whole time we are running errands or stay asleep if we go to a restaurant. I cover him up in the car seat but by no means is it quiet. Maybe its the car it just lulls him into a deep sleep and then nothing bothers him.

Tonight I was changing him and he was cooing at me while I "tickled" him. Then I started kissing his cheek and neck and it was almost like he was laughing.

Today we had another mom and her six year old daughter come over for a visit. It was great! Grace and her friend played and had lunch while I got to chat with a girlfriend. I did have something else that I was going to write about another new thing Grace is saying but I can't remember. Bummer. I am sure I will remember tomorrow. We are going to soak up Daddy's attention because he will be going out of town next week. TGIF!

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