Tuesday, January 25, 2011

He is just so darn cute!

My sweet boy on the changing table, last week I think. The problem with taking pictures lately is our new camera takes pictures best with the flash on, however when your taking pictures of a 2 year old, she blinks and has her eyes shut all the time. She looked so adorable this day in her pig tails and bright yellow and heart tights. My little Punky Brewster with all the same attitude!

So I uploaded all the pics because I didn't want to take the time to sort them all to determine which ones she looked the cutest in. I kept having her run over to the side of the bed so I could get her whole outfit in. And of course she loves saying cheese...only problem is she doesn't really smile when she does!

She also loves to hop/bounce/jump on our bed, all the time.

Another one of her latest sayings is, "I found it!" When you direct her to where something is. This afternoon I was on the couch nursing Aaron and directed her to get my phone off the counter where I could plainly see it but she couldn't. When she finally got her chair and got it for me, it was "I found it!"

Or her other favorite saying is "I did it!" When she has done something she is so proud of. She also puts her babies to Night Night now and will close the door and put her finger to her mouth and say "Ssh" to me. I wonder where she got that from??? Ha! I think she kinda looks like my mom in this picture.

She is SOOOOO independent. She is forever telling me, "No I do it, I do it!" I hear this at least a 100 times a day. Whether its putting her socks on or her mittens or her hat or her scarf or something with her toys. Heaven help me if I try to help her do something. I don't know where she got that one either!

Here is an example of how the camera captures her, she looks like she has tossed a few too many back! LOL! But if I take the flash off then the camera blurs to badly. And poor Aaron he is always like, MOM! I am just a lil boy! I wish you all could see her gorgeous eye lashes they are so long and thick I am jealous! Oh and I taught her how to play nosey nosey and that is just too cute. Oh and she is learning to fold her lil precious baby hands when we say our prayers at night! Gosh I just love her so!

I forgot to post these pictures I took when we went sledding. Daddy really did the sledding and he and Grace went down this huge hill in out sled a bunch of times ( I only went 2x with Grace). Our sled is apparently really fast and I had never ridden it. I about died when I went down the hill the first time with Grace. I think I freaked her out. She was having fun with daddy because he is just the fun dad. But mommy was afraid, I thought we were going to launch off into space we were going so fast! Ha!
Here she is in her lil snow suit from 1st winter! It still fit! Such a cutie!

Afterwards (after mommy and Grace's 2x down the hill we were done!) we walked over and fed the ducks, geese, pigeons and seagulls. There was one brave goose who would take it out of our had. Only ours though we didn't let Grace, apparently daddy says geese can be mean.

Daddy and Aaron.

Aaron is doing well and I think I promised a post about him. But it won't be tonight! It has been a LONNNGGG day and I am just worn out and want to sleep sleep sleep! Night!

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