Monday, January 24, 2011

Unloading the Truck

I have a ton of pictures I need to post and so here we go. Daddy came back from a road trip last Wednesday and he brought back a truckload firewood. It was a great deal and now I am simply waiting for a cold day to have a fire. Our sweet darling daughter was so happy to be spending time with her Daddy, so we put her coat and mittens and shoes on and off she went to help Daddy and Aunt Crystal unload the truck while I cooked yummy chicken enchiladas!
The following pictures are after she came inside and she had the cutest red lil nose and rosy cheeks. Then she helped me make dinner!

Of course after we had dinner and put the lil girl to bed then my mamma's boy helped me clean up! By help of course I mean crying until I had to Moby him around. It took longer to clean up the kitchen but at least it was quiet! Ha!

Have you all noticed that the pictures with me in them I have no makeup on? Can you tell I am a stay at home mom that doesn't get to sleep through the night yet? At least my skin is clear!

I guess doing the dishes makes for a sleepy boy, especially if his mama is holding him.

This was a picture taking session that Grace started by saying "Pictures?" and nodding a lot. Daddy was trying to figure out how to make taking un blurry pictures easier. I like this picture because it looks like Aaron was smiling.

Well I got to wrap this post up and stuff my diapers (I almost forgot!) Hope every one's week is going well!

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Beth said...

You look gorgeous and I so miss those sweet babies! Love you SOOO MUCH and miss you!!! *hugs* *kisses*