Friday, January 21, 2011

Show Stoppin'...Show Show Stoppin!

Grace found her sun hat from last summer and has been parading around in it the last few days. So Wednesday she did some modeling for me. She LOVES the camera and says, Cheese! Then she says, I see it! After every picture! So here is her show....

What a hoot eh? She is SOOO full of attitude these days. The last couple of days I ask her to do something and she replies, "No Way!" and runs off. She is 2 going on 13! The time outs are coming. The other day she was coming down the stairs on her bottom and she was making a show of going bump, bump down the stairs. So I was exclaiming at each step and half way down she said to me, "Scared mommy? Scared?" With this huge grin and raised eyebrows. I just had to chuckle to myself, what a ham.
Gonna Jam now and see if the little man is ready to take another nap...(another post about Aaron and how he is doing to come later!)

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Bruce Vicker said...

That is too cute!!