Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Watching Sesame Street

Here are my kiddos watching Sesame Street the other day! They were both so chilled out and engrossed I took a quick shower! Grace is getting so big she is losing her baby belly and chub and starting to get leaner. Boo! My sweet girl is almost 2! I took this yesterday, just a sweet pic of my boy. He smiles all the time for me now. I think he is kinda partial to his momma! But I may be biased when I say that.

Tonight I took these as I was trying to wake him from his nap. Look how long he is! That is a 3 month sleeper and it barely fits. When he stretches his arms out the sleeves become short sleeves.

Just a closer pic of my boy. He is changing so much. He can get his hand in his mouth now and suck. I will hear lil sucking noises coming from him as makes his fingers in and out of his mouth. I hope he doesn't want to suck his thumb.

I will try to get a video the next awake time he has and I am sure he will smile for me. Time to go he is waking and I got to feed him and put him to bed!

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Beth said...

I can't believe how long he is. Those sleeves look short while he is sleeping. He is so darn cute! I love the pic of he and Grace watching Sesame Street. I remember when Grace was his age and watching TV with you. Wasn't that just yesterday?