Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Grace!!

Well I finally managed to get our pics downloaded from her birthday party.

My version of Winnie-The-Pooh, copied from one of her slipper socks! (It looks better in this picture than in real life believe me! lol)

In order to get Grace to eat dinner daddy told her we would do presents afterward so it was a struggle to get her interested in her cake.

But she did blow out her candles!

Vern and Jo looking at the Magnetic Dress up doll from Memaw and Pepaw!

Daddy working hard to put her race track together, it was a bit more complicated than he thought!

Playing with her Lace and Trace from Memaw and Pepaw.

A 20 pack of Hot Wheels from Nana and Papadaddy!

A cloth purse from Aunt Linda, so cute!

6 in 1 Race Track from Nana and Papadaddy!

She took forever opening her first couple of gifts because she had to give everyone a piece of the wrapping paper.

Jolynn holding sweet Aaron. (Notice her share of the gift wrap on Aaron's blanket)

Grace Brooke I can't believe that you turned 2 years old on Monday! Where has the time gone? You are such smart girl, you amaze us everyday with how quick you are learning. Just this morning I was sitting nursing Aaron on the couch while you ate some cereal. Afterwards you wanted to wipe your hands dry but there weren't any dish towels hanging on the oven. I told you to get a new one out of the drawer and you dug way in the back and found a clean one. "I found it!" you exclaimed. You were so proud of yourself. Some of your favorite sayings have been "Sure!" instead of Yes. "I got it!" "Go Niners!"
You also have started to enjoying watching movies. You love Pooh Bear and look at me and say while nodding your head Pooh?
You love all of your toys that you got for Christmas and you loved looking at the Christmas lights. You still love Elmo and sing La La La!
You are such a good big sister to Aaron, when I ask, you will go get me his blankie out of is crib and his paci. You also love to hold him and were reading him a book just this morning. You will pat his stomach to reassure him and pat his back to burp him.
One of your favorite pastimes is looking at pictures. You can see some of them in the hall and will exclaim Nana! when you spy her picture while we are changing your diaper or getting your pj's on. You love to name off your family in the pictures. You also love talking on the phone (although I am not sure where she got that!) you say Hi and Bye and I love you and miss you and see you later and then you are done!
You still will take a good nap for me, typically about 2 hours although longer if the house is quiet and I am lucky!
We are working on potty training right now and taking it slow. You know that you get a tiny piece of chocolate if you go tinkle in the potty.
Also on some days you will ask for a pony and I will get a rubber band or two and put some ponytails in your hair. You are still wearing a size 51/2 shoe (I believe, right now all you wear is your size 6 boots and you are used to the ankle support so it doesn't bother you that they may be a bit big still.) And you are wearing 2T and have some 3T clothes.
Every night we brush your teeth, read a book and say your prayers and you do so good going to bed, you never pitch a fit. Your such a sweet girl and love to play with your kitchen and cook us yummy food and feed the dogs.
You adore your daddy and always want to be in his office or putting little treasures into his briefcase. Grace you are the sweetest lil girl two parents could ask for. We love you!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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