Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bangs and Babies

Technically Grace is no longer a baby but she is one of my babies so thus the title for this post. I grabbed the camera the other day when she was playing with daddy. She was so funny just lying on top of him. Boy does she sure love her daddy! This sleeper is a 3-6 month one and you can see his arms actually fit it!

Ok so I cut my bangs and actually have bangs. Now this was just me playing around with them and the camera trying to see different angles and with my hair down and back in a pony tail. I needed to do something different. I was feeling so frumpy. I hardly ever wear makeup anymore and thought well if I have bangs you won't notice so much when have a bad hair day and my hair is back or I just let it air dry.

You can tell my ends need to be cut because they are so ratty!

So far I like them and can sweep them to the side and they don't hang in my eyes. Plus it seems like my bangs typically grow really fast so I can grow them back out if I get sick of them.

We needed some new sheets for our bed. I washed the sheets the other day and noticed they were threadbare and had tears in them. So we went to Target and found some on sale. Also we got an Oversized King comforter that was on clearance as well. It's white, which is not ideal but it does over hang on both sides of the bed so our bed looks put together now. I love the color of the sheets. I think I am going to try to paint something to go above our bed to go with the color of the sheets.

I took these pictures of Aaron just tonight. The kid kills me. Last night he slept crappy and was not feeling good, maybe another cold? He seemed really sniffly. This afternoon though all three of us got a good nap in. Aaron slept like 3 hours which is the best afternoon nap he has had in awhile. So he woke up and nursed around 4pm for like 2 hot seconds and then passed out. It was like he just needed a lil snack. Then we went to dinner and he was awake for most of that, he slept on the way home, but we were like 5 minutes from the house. I gave him a bath at 740ish and planned to nurse him and put him to bed right after I put Grace to bed. Daddy was keeping Aaron awake because he wanted to sleep. So I finally get him nursing, and he passes out on me! I can't wake him for anything and that is when I took the pictures of him passed out on the bed. I just put him down in the other room and he woke up, but I do believe Daddy shushed him right back into dreamland! So I am hoping he has a better night and is feeling better-less grouchy bear and more sweet bear!

"I shot the Sheriff! But I didn't shoot the Deputy..."

Tomorrow we have church and then I think I will make chili for dinner! This morning I made the PW's Buttermilk Biscuits and we have also made her Spicy Pulled Pork and Pico De Gallo. The pork is officially my new favorite meal!!! I could eat those Pork Tacos till the cows came home! You should try it!

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Beth said...

Love your bangs! They look so cute on you! That is such an adorable photo of Aaron sleeping! Hope he sleeps better for you! xoxo