Sunday, January 30, 2011

This is What we did tonight

I had just finished nursing the little man cub and so we were all hanging out in our bed. Grace found some stickers and she started with daddy and ended up...well you will see. Hee Hee.

Yes I let her put stickers on her innocent little brother. Here she was saying, "This?" Asking him if he wanted a sticker! Ha!

Look at his face!

Such concentration...(this was of course supervised by mommy, even though I was chuckling the whole time)

Ta Da.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His face is like, "What the heck is all over my face, mom??"

(You can see how the onesie is too short in the arms here)

Wha La! The artist finished with herself! What a cutie pie. Oh! Funny story, before this stickering happened she was rough housing with Daddy and he was laying on his back and lifting her up and down with her feet on his chest. At one point she was like kicking/jumping on his chest and I said, to him, "Does that hurt?" Grace cocks her head to the side looks pointedly at me and says, "No." We both cracked up.

She is so much fun. There is a framed bible verse in her by the changing table and we have been reading it lately. I think its Numbers 4: 6 ( I think) anyway it is so cute because now she wants to do everything by herself so she is always "reading" it. She points to the words and says, "Lord....favor" with some other baby babble in between. She also uses the word favor for favorite and her favorite colors are orange and yellow, wait I mean lellow!
Aaron has been just expressing himself so much lately and I he actually is starting to laugh. I think he may be really ticklish. I tickle his ribs and he does this laugh snort coo thing. Its adorable I will try to get it on video. I took some videos the other day and had downloaded them, but they weren't uploading last night and then tonight I went to watch one and Windows Media Player won't play it.
Man that boy is persnickety! He was just screaming like he was mad about something. I could hear him through the monitor as I write this, I go into to check on him thinking I can shush him back to sleep quickly and he is snoring logs like I was imagining the crying!
Whatever as long as he stays asleep right!
So what did you do today?


Beth said...

That was pretty funny and cute! Aaron is such a good sport! Hope you have a good night and Aaron sleeps good!

SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Aw how cute, gotta love their creative little minds. :)