Monday, March 21, 2011

2 Babies!

Grace loves playing 2 babies. When I get up in the morning and I get Aaron first, Grace always wants to have Aaron snuggle with her and so she will point to her crib and say, "Two Babies!"
She loves to snuggle him an hug him. The only problem is he loves to grab stuff now and will grab her hair. She doesn't understand quite yet that he doesn't know that he is hurting her. Poor thing, but that doesn't stop her from continuing to love on "A"!

Smiley babies!

I intended to post these pictures on St. Patrick Day, but we have been so busy.

Aaron has turned into a fussy, I need mommy, hard to put down baby. He started getting fussy when Daddy was out of town 2 weeks ago. I took him to the pediatrician last Monday and he said his ears were kind of red, not super red but not good either. I had also tried to wean him off the reflux meds because he seemed to be doing better and we were at the end of the bottle. However, I filled the prescription on Thursday and we are starting again. He will be done with his antibiotics for his ears on Wednesday, and he seems to be feeling better the last 2 days. We have been so busy last week that I am looking forward to a more quiet week.
Last week we had small group, then play group, then I went to the Women's Conference on Saturday followed by a birthday celebration down at my MIL's house Saturday night. Then Sunday we had church and then a birthday party for 2 boys in my play group. We have been busy and I am sure there is something I am forgetting too! Ha!
Today Aaron got up at 730am and we had a good morning and then he took an hour and half nap. (Which is good because lately we maybe get 20-30 minute morning naps). We hit Costco and then back home for lunch. I put Grace down for her nap and then tried to put Aaron down for his afternoon nap (which normally goes good but not today). Today I spent 3 hours trying to put him down and he finally took an hour nap at 3:30 and then Grace woke up. :) Nice. I was going to work out, because I didn't work out once last week aside from our hike at the dog park.
So I nursed him after I put Grace down today and then tried to put him down right after but he just fought it. So I am thinking that tomorrow I will maybe wait a little bit longer but not quite as long as I did. I think he gets overtired easily and that's when he fights and gets so mad when going to sleep. He totally knows when it's bedtime. He knows the routine we have been doing and does not like it. Tonight I didn't wait and at the first sign I put him down to bed and it was a lot easier tonight. (Still not easy, and I had to walk the halls with him, but it didn't take as long)
Tonight we also tried rice cereal for the first time and I will post pics of that tomorrow. And we will see how long he sleeps. Right now its time for me to pump!

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Beth said...

LOVE all the new pics! Those babies are so precious! The photo of the three of you is so good too!