Sunday, March 13, 2011

5 months old today

Aaron turned 5 months old today! I took theses pictures yesterday after Daddy got home. I think he weighs about 17 pounds by our scale and so I adjusted the waist band in his diapers the other day. He has fine blond hair that is coming in. But he still looks bald. He wears size 3-6 month clothes. He can roll over to his tummy and then again back to his back again. He can do a mini push-up. His fingernails grow SOOO fast and it seems like I need to trip them every other day.
He is laughing and smiling all the time. He thinks I am hilarious, of course! He is always reaching for my mouth.

He loves playing in his little exersaucer and grabs at the rings and shakes them so hard! He also is always grabbing at my plate. He tends to wake up as soon as we are ready to eat dinner so then I am holding him while I eat. He watches me eat and grabs at my plate. I think tomorrow I will get him some rice cereal to start trying at dinner and maybe we can be close to sleeping through the night!

He has been feeling fussy lately and I think he is finally getting over his cold. He went just about 8 hours last night before he wanted to nurse again! He had good naps yesterday and as well today. He slept for about 2 hours this afternoon. He also went down really easily. Of course they both woke up again as well! Grace woke up crying while I was in the shower and daddy went into to calm her down. He has the daddy touch because he wasn't in there rocking her long before he put her back! Talk about easy!!! Then we were just starting the movie and Aaron started fussing. I put his paci back in and jiggled him and he went back to asleep! Still asleep now!

Grace is such a hoot. She loves being a big sister. She is always saying, "Hi Buddy!" or "Hi Bubba!" Yesterday she said, "Hi A! I love A" (She says a instead of Aaron)

Here she is. She was asking me to play, "Where is Thumbkin?"

And of course Aaron loves his big sister. He was arching his back to watch Grace jumping around. They are both such sweet children.

Daddy got home last night. Yay! Today we went to the dog park and took our new jogging stroller. I have a bunch of cute pics and I will post them up tomorrow. It was gorgeous today just about 60 degrees and sunny. We had a great weekend did you?

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