Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Total Cuteness!

You want to see some super cute cuties? Daddy and Grace practising saying, "Awww!" What a giggle fest!

My boy! I love his diapers they just look darn cute!

Some videos of my lil boy for you to enjoy!

We had play group today and boy were we busy! I made banana bread for snack and it gotten eaten up! I had such a good time talking with the other moms and we had another mom there today who just had a baby and this was her third! It was crazy and fun with all the kids playing and running around and us moms chatting and such!
We are getting involved in our church and meeting people and its a good feeling. I am planning on going to the Women's Conference on the 19th of this month and we would love to go to the Marriage Retreat in the middle of April, but am not sure if we will be able to. It is an overnighter and I just hope that Aaron is sleeping through the night then that way I feel comfortable leaving him with a sitter (probably my mother in law if she will want to). So if you want to pray that he does that would be great!
I got a double jogging stroller used on KSL today and am stoked about that, I can't wait to use it! But until then I will be on the treadmill like I did today! I did 2 miles and I think I ran about 7 minutes. I have been finding it really easy to get back into the running part of it, which is a little strange to me. But I am still taking it easy and building up to it. My only deal is making sure I have enough nap time to get my workout in!
Its now 10pm here and I got to get some sleep while the gettin's good!

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Beth said...

SOOO cute! Love all the photos and videos! Congrats on the treadmill time and yay for your double jogging stroller. That will be wonderful when the weather warms up! Hey, I noticed your dining room chairs in the photo of Grace..I love them! :-)