Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh My Goodness, What a Hoot!

Ok first of all I re-read yesterdays blog and I wanted to say I hope that it didn't come across as selfish like you all should go out and get me stuff! I just had been thinking about birthday ideas because my hubby's is coming up April 3rd and thought I might just put some ideas out there. Since I am at home now I look around my house with a more critical eye and want to fix it up, but of course its not like I can run out anytime and get some new home decor! Lol, anyways I apologize if it came across as snooty and selfish, it wasn't intended as such. And I am so thankful to be home with my kids no matter how my house looks!

I am thinking that I will move the bookcase to the right side of the fireplace, and make it like a decorative piece and not just filled with books. Although I am unsure if I should try to paint it (like when am I going to have time for that??? lol) or maybe put like a printed wallpaper on the backing. You know what I mean? We bought that bookcase for $10 back when we first got married and its really cheap, ha! but it works none the less.

I have to tell you these stories about my kiddos before I forget them! First, about Aaron, man this kid is a stubborn/determined little boy! Whenever I am holding him and he is happy and looking around and he wants to look at something. If I am not holding him the correct way for him to see that particular something, he will crane his neck and arch his back and wiggle and wiggle so he can see what it is he wants to see. Also this little man cub of mine he has a temper! He gets mad mad mad when you do something he does not like. Like tonight daddy was changing his diaper and getting him ready for bed while I read Grace a story. Apparently, Aaron had rolled over onto his stomach (which he has been doing more often but not consistently) and was happy looking around. Well I guess Daddy had his pajamas and was ready to dress him and so he turned him back over to his back. That boy was crying a mad cry if I ever heard one! He was just mad! Of course he has a little cold so it made his nose run and then we had to suck his nose out with the little nose sucker thing. That mad him even madder. And when he gets mad, he has his feelings hurt for a lil while. But then I rocked him and put him to sleep. I still rock him to sleep every night and at nap but at night it takes maybe 5 minutes. Naps can be easy with a little bit of rocking or not. Today he had good naps actually. I nursed him and he kind of fell asleep on me while he was nursing, which he hadn't done in awhile, so then I picked him up and changed him and he was awake. I figure he must be tired so I will promptly wrap him and put him down. Nope! He was doing his arch his back and look all around bit. So I just put him in his crib to watch his mobile for a bit. About 8 minutes later he started to cry. Then I went back in picked him up and rocked him for about 5 I would guess and then he fell asleep. He slept great! From about 10:30 till 1pm! I was able to get my 35 minute work out in. (Burned 360 calories!) And then he slept from about 3-4:30, this afternoon.

Ok and now my Grace story. So tonight we were all playing in her room before bedtime and I got out the Hippo Gym (just a floor mat with an arch to hang toys from) for Aaron to lay on. It has this little mirror that hangs down. Its about 3 inches in diameter. Well it came off and Grace was playing with it. It also has a rattle in it. So I took Grace and the mirror into our bathroom to brush teeth and wash her sweet sweaty little face. We were being silly and dancing with the mirror/rattle. We come back into her bedroom and are getting our pajamas on. Now there is a framed Bible verse that hangs on the wall above her changing table. It goes something like, "Ma the Lord bless you and protect you..." Grace always points to different words and says, "Lord." I think I may have mentioned that before. So tonight we were playing with this mirror, right? And she shows me the mirror (so its facing me) and says, "Mommy!" Then she turns it back on herself and says, "Gracie!" She does this a few more times. "Mommy!" "Gracie! "Mommy!" "Gracie!" Then she stands up points the mirror down at daddy and says, "Daddy!" Then, "Gracie!" Then she turns the mirror to the framed verse and says, "Lord!" We started busting up laughing! It was so cute!

The other cute thing Grace does is fold her hands and ask to say a prayer at every meal. We even went to The Pie for dinner tonight and said, "Prayer?" Adorable! For the record Aaron liked the ceiling fans at The Pie too. He started to get a lil fussy so daddy stood directly under it and it calmed him right down! Love my kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Ok So during this whole time I was trying to download a video of Grace but it's not working so I am going to publish it without!)

UPDATE: Ok so I forgot to mention that our vacuum bit the dust today! I was using it and I started smelling smoke. I stopped using it and Daddy looked at it when he came home. The contact for the bottom brush part was completely burned out. Apparently this type is known for that. We are thinking about getting a Dyson one for animals and allergens. Anybody have any opinions on vacuums good or bad, things they have heard. Ours lasted for almost 7 years because we got it right after we got married, so not bad, but here we are needing a new one and thought I would ask and see what my readers think!

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Joshua J said...

We like our dyson. I don't think there is a vacuum on the market that will ever get the dog hair completely off of our carpet, but out does a really good job.