Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Day at the Dog Park

On this particular gorgeous Sunday it was about 60 degrees and sunny. It felt like spring is just around the corner and I think we caught a glimpse of it on this day. Here is my jogging stroller I got. It had a flat and we pumped the tire up already, but I think it has a slow leak, because it was totally gone when I went to put it in the truck. But we filled it up and it was fine for the trip. Here is Daddy's sweet helper, she climbed in there all by herself. (Can you see her little rugged sandals I got her) I love them, they are a bit more on the boy side, but not too much so. And then Aaron can where them to. (I bought these brand new at Kohls on sale)
So big! She now climbs into the truck all by herself. I usually open the door for her and tell her to get in while I put Aaron in. Then I come around and buckle her.

Just goofin while we load the dogs and such.
And...not looking at me and smiling, for sure.

Finally a glimpse of those baby blues...

At the dog park loading the little boy in the stroller. Isn't he cute with his little hat?

Immediately, Grace started finding a collection of sticks and rocks. We brought her hat, but because I stuck her hair back in a pony tail and because she didn't want to wear it, it got left in the stroller.

Grace and Daddy pondering the rocks.

Every picture that I got with her actually looking at me was golden because we couldn't tear her away from scouring the ground for rocks and sticks. I had to give her a poop bag to put her collection in because she would get handfuls and then give them to us. I told her you can only put the rocks in the bag.

Putting the rocks away.

Look mom at all my rocks!!!! (I love how the dog behind her is a white blur! At the moment it happened though I was inhaling sharply because I thought he was going to knock her down.)

Daddy was trying so hard to get Grace to actually throw her rocks into the water for the dogs, but she kept telling him, "No! My turn!" She says, My turn when she means 'Mine'.

Daddy will throw rocks in the water and Kayla will go after them and she thinks its great fun, so we totally thought Grace would want to throw her rocks for Kayla. She did throw a few, but I am not sure if they were her rocks or not.

Looking for the perfect skipping rock.

Daddy lends a helping hand.

Finally we were done at the dog park and had to leash up the dogs. Aaron had woken up but Grace was hard pressed to give anyone but her rocks her attention.

She did finally show me her rocks.

We had a great time at the dog park and got some exercise for us and the dogs. We missed naps though and it was a crazy day with the time change to miss them. Yesterday we had our small group and then tonight we had a birthday party to go to out in Tooele, which is kind of far west about 45 minutes, so our evenings have been off. Not to mention I took Aaron to the Dr yesterday to see if he has an ear infection and he does. So he is on antibiotics and the poor kid is off his game. Hopefully tomorrow will be more of a normal day and the kids can get to bed on time.
But Grace did have so much fun at her cousin's birthday party tonight. And she was so well behaved. She is usually always well behaved. Sometimes I think she is 2 going on 15 or something. Because she will look at other kids when they are acting up, like, "Really?"
I also got Grace a toy for Christmas that was price cut at Target $5 off. Its a little lap top, I forget the brand. But its for ages 3-6 so hopefully it will be something she likes and uses and it was only $15!
Lets see tomorrow is playgroup and I got to do my grocery shopping as well.
Good Night!

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Beth said...

What a fun day! Love your dog park. I know she had a blast with everything there is to do and see! She is such a big girl now! xoxo