Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Tot!

I got the camera out today and took some updated pictures of my kiddos. Grace slept in her pony tail so her hair was a little bit wonky. Aaron was happy but borderline and he quickly got fussy.

Here is my helper for crib set up.
So I decided to get Aaron a big crib because he was growing out of his bassinet very quickly. He is so long and he was touching the top sometimes. So I found a crib and mattress on KSL for $30 total! The crib is a bit older but it totally works and was easy to put together. And now I don't have to worry about him rolling over into the bumper.

I think he likes it too!

Here is the crib! Now you can see the bookcase behind the crib. I actually moved it to beside the fireplace, and now I just have to put all the stuff back on it so my living room is clutter free again!

Today I went to Wal-Mart and tried out my coupons and my price matching. What do I think, hmm I am not sure. I did price match my meat and fruit and did get $38 worth of meat for $26 and I won't have to buy meat for awhile. However I am not sure its worth it for me to shop at Wal-Mart and do the price match since we have a Winco. Winco also has good prices on meat and produce as well, you just have to pay attention to them. And they have good prices on the stuff I buy regularly, like milk, eggs and bread. So I think I will keep shopping at Winco but pay more attention to my coupons. Winco does accept coupons so I can save money there. Also I am going to pay attention to my coupons with regards to Target because I think I can save money on our non food items and ideally toys for the kids birthdays and Christmas too. (I already have 1 toy for Aaron for his birthday) My goal is to get all of the kids birthdays and Christmas bought before they get here.
Anyway, I am still going to look for coupons just not go all gang busters right away!
Well it's late and I got to get to bed soon.
I forgot to mention I did manage to squeeze my workout in! I almost didn't just because we were up off to Wal Mart right away. I did 35 minutes and a lil over 2 miles, walking and running! Yay!

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Beth said...

Good job on the treadmill! It's slow to start for me, but I'm doing it. The pics of the kids are so good! I love the one of the two of them on the couch with both of them beaming big smiles! *kisses* from Memaw and Pepaw!