Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a cutie Wednesday!

I adore these pictures of Aaron, he is just so happy and cute! We had a busy day today. We all woke up late almost 9am! But then it was rush rush rush off to playgroup at 1030, lunch and then groceries and then back home for nap. Aaron slept sooo good for his naps today. He always falls asleep on the way down to play group (its about a 20-25 minute drive) but then wakes up once we get there. Then falls asleep on the way back home. Well today he fell asleep when we left and then was asleep our entire grocery shopping trip and then even stayed asleep in his car seat for about another 40 minutes after we got home! He also slept when we went out to dinner tonight. I had put a whole chicken out to thaw out this morning but it wasn't ready in enough time to cook it for tonight, so we used a coupon and went to Golden Corral. It's like Hometown Buffet and Grace eats free till she is 3! (Which is nice because she can eat at a buffet!) And he went down pretty easily for bedtime. He fussed for daddy and so I brought him back into our room and let him chill for about 15-20 minutes before trying again. Then he went right to sleep! Nice!
I got the house picked up and our bathroom cleaned. It was a busy but good day! In the picture below he is blowing raspberries! He loves to do that now! That or scream! :P
Ok this is my favorite!!! How darn adorable is that little boy????? I mean really??
So we went to Golden Corral and we let Grace pick out a dessert and she picked a cupcake. Her method of eating a cupcake is: Turn Cupcake frosting directly towards your mouth, open mouth, eat frosting without biting the cake part. Smile at your mommy while she takes your picture. Enjoy your chocolate icing goatee...Never finish the cake part.
I took this picture a few weeks ago and sent it to my email from phone like the one above. I haven't been able to retrieve them and so I asked hubby to look at it tonight when I was trying to open and download tonight's picture. He was able to get both pictures for me! Anyway, these are Grace's new glasses.
I can't believe that tomorrow is Thursday already! I need to get back on the treadmill! Daddy has been doing really good getting on after the kids are in bed, and even though I used to do that when I was working, I can't bring myself to do that now. Hopefully now that Aaron is getting to be more happy and I am getting used to his little quirks I will find some morning time in for my workouts again. He is such a funny boy, I was telling my mom tonight about how he gets bored at his "play stations" and wants to be entertained. First I put him in his exersaucer till he starts fussing, then I put him in the pack and play with some toys. Then I try back in the exersaucer. Sometimes Grace can keep him happy there but sometimes she can't either. Mom said to put him in the high chair with some toys since he can sit there now and that is a good idea I can put the chair in the rotation! It's funny how you forget about those things. Oh I forgot to mention that he has been doing good with his barley cereal too! He is a pro eater already! Probably about 9/10's of the cereal gets into his mouth whereas with Grace when she was first learning about 9/10's of cereal was on her chin! (Of course she sure can be an eater now!) It's like he was born to eat cereal! Ha! He slept for 5 hours before waking to nurse at 12am last night, however I was nervous because I had just pumped at 1020pm and wanted to make sure he got enough to sleep more. But he did fine and slept till just about 5am.

Anyway, time to get off the computer and read my book for a little bit.

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