Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Princess Grace of Small Group

Aaron and Mommy tonight before dinner.
Last night we had small group and ironically enough found out another reason for titling my post Princess Grace. All the kids in our small group think Grace is just the cats meow. They were playing "Princess Grace" the boys were trying to get Grace and the girls were trying to protect her. LOL! If that doesn't give a 2 year old an ego! Just some cute bath pictures from the other night.

We did give Aaron some barley cereal last night and he did really good. Unfortunately we got home so late from small group and then got caught up with Aunt Crystal who was back from her vacation the kids got put to bed late. So Aaron nursed at 10pm and then slept till 5am. Grace went to bed but woke up at like 1am and was crying hysterically. We pulled her into bed with us, I was so afraid that she was going to wake Aaron and really she almost did. Daddy heard him fussing and sort of shushed him back to sleep with his hand and he stayed asleep. We tried to get her to lay still with us and I was hoping she would fall asleep and then I could put her back to bed, however that did not work. Finally at about 2am she seemed back to herself and I put her back to bed.

Aaron had bad naps today although when I did put him down this morning he went really easily, I think he was just overtired. Actually both kids were and they both went to bed early tonight. He went down pretty good for daddy tonight too! So we hope that the barley cereal works and he sleeps for a long time!

I had my checkup at the dentist today and have a small cavity that needs filling. Grace got to come and watch me getting my teeth cleaned. She did really good, of course it helps that they have a little play house built into the waiting room that she loves.

Oh and I also vacuumed today with our new vacuum! I had to Moby Aaron because he was so fussy, boy did my arm hurt from pushing it! It has some powerful suction, but does a great job. We also got the dog grooming attachment and tried it on Briggs! Easiest way to brush a dog yet, is what the hubby said. I am sure there are pictures I have posted from before of all the dog hair that comes off of Briggs when we give him a really good brushing. So it's nice that all the hair goes directly into the tube.

Well we have play group tomorrow, I can't believe it's already Wednesday! Sunday is Daddy's birthday!

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