Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ha Ha Well....

...Aaron actually did NOT sleep well last night. He woke up way more than usual. And today was the worst, absolutely worst day for naps.
I really don't know what his problem is, and it is so frustrating. Some times I think that he is in physical pain and then other times I think he is just stubborn stubborn and having a little temper tantrum. He seems to know when it is nap or bed time and fights like crazy. Like today Daddy was home and helping with naps and he had been screaming and crying. So Daddy went into get him. He picked him up, he was crying, he walked out of the office (Aaron's bedroom) he immediately stopped crying. He stepped back into the office, he immediately started crying again. He did that about 2 times with the same results. Then like last night I wonder if it's the rice cereal giving him gas.
Oh and he also can turn over on his tummy quite easily now and it seems like he prefers to sleep there. The only problem is, he will be asleep in my arms on his back or tilted a little on his side and I put him down in his crib. He will lay on his back for about 2 seconds before turning on his side, then onto his stomach then start crying and then start screaming. It's like he is an active sleeper and wants to lay on his stomach which is fine because he can do that on his own now, however when he gets there he is uncomfortable and can't be soothed unless I pick him back up.
Tonight I was reading about rice cereal causing gas, and since he is already on reflux meds I may stop the rice cereal. For sure tomorrow I will if he acts fussy again tonight, because he had cereal tonight again for the third time. It already took me about an hour to get him to sleep tonight and he maybe got an hour total nap time all day today. I may just skip the cereals and ask the pediatrician about when we can go to fruits and vegetables. I also wonder if he has been extra irritable because of all of the ear infection,reflux, maybe even teething, rice cereal, stubbornness combined all together! Oh my!
And with all of this Aaron drama I have forgot to mention that Grace has started getting interested in going potty. Several times now she has told us she has to go pee pee and we go potty on the big potty and she has gotten a piece of candy. We ask her, "Are you all done?" and she says, "More." and then she goes more!
We haven't done number 2 yet, and in fact tonight after I got her pj's on her, I commented that she tooted and then she made a strained face and I said, "You need to go poo poo on the potty?" She was of course but she acted all freaked out, so I didn't press it.
She will probably potty train soon because its Murphy's Law and I just bought a huge box of size 5 diapers at Costco because they had a coupon for them! lol
Well its getting late and so far Aaron is still asleep. I want to read my book for a little bit before hitting the rack, and we have friends coming over tomorrow morning.
Love to everyone!

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Beth said...

Poor Bubba. Does he take a paci like Grace did? Its hard to determine what's wrong. Hope you can figure it out soon!