Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whats Happening on Thursday

Just grabbed some more pics from a few weeks ago to upload. Can you see that she helped put her own hat and gloves on? Oh and she chose her coat too.

Sweet boy.

Her princess dress.

Well I forgot to mention that we got our truck back from the body shop last Friday. It looks good. Today hubby picked up his work van and loaded it up. I think that we have officially decided to keep the truck and sell the Explorer. I have loved that Explorer and it has been a good lil SUV for me to drive around. It's nice to be able to haul stuff around in the back and it will be interesting hauling groceries around in the truck with the kids too. But the truck is newer and we are very much looking forward to going camping this summer with the kids and the dogs. (Kids, its weird to say 'the kids' lol!)
I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday already. It is so weird to me, when I worked the weekends seemed to take forever to get here. Now that I am at home with the babes my days fly by! It seems like there is always something to do or to be done. And now I have to try to fit in workouts as well! But I did today. I had been on the treadmill for 20 minutes when Aaron started fussing. I decided to let him be and see if he would go back to sleep. This kid does not like that at all! (I did finish my workout though, and he lived.) He slows down his crying but then its like he remembers he's mad or upset and starts up again at a new volume. And he just repeats that. But he is a cutie pie, I was playing with him this afternoon and I was catching his eye and and exclaiming like he scared me. He was cracking up! So cute.
Off to bed I go!

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