Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Man cub can not live on breast milk alone....

I rearranged Grace's room today. I originally was going to take out the little side dresser that was in the corner, but I found that if I just moved things around it could stay there. Now she can have her little table in her room too! In fact she was the one that moved the table and chairs in here all by herself! Our little reading corner..
I put her play kitchen in her closet awhile ago and started hanging all her clothes because she loves playing in her drawers.

My boys hanging with... sleepy head little girl while I vacuum with our new vacuum. We got a Dyson and are really pleased so far! Its the animal hair and allergen one and we also got a special dog grooming attachment that hasn't come yet so we will see how that works as well.

Daddy fed our little boy tonight and he ate it all up! He was loving his rice cereal and macking it down! At first Daddy was feeding him on his lap, but that wasn't working so daddy put him in his chair. He fussed at first but then got into the eating groove!


He went down super easy tonight! No back arching and mad crying, however... he has woken up twice so far and I was able to rock him back to sleep easily both times. Here is hoping that a few minutes ago was the last time! And maybe he has just needed to have a fuller belly to go to sleep on!

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Beth said...

He is so cute macking down on his rice cereal! Hope he starts going to bed better and sleeping good. Just wanna eat him up! He is so beautiful! Can't wait for all that blond hair to come in! :-) Kisses for both my grandbabies!