Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random Thoughts & Updates...

So I was rocking my little Aaron this afternoon and my mind started to wander as it always does as I gaze about the office.
We still have Aaron in the office and he now has a crib (which I intend to show pictures of later) but I was gazing up at our bookcase which we recently emptied and pondered where to put the bookcase, to make more room in the office.
You see, recently I have been watching HGTV and it totally sparks my creative juices and I decided to let everyone know.
I wanted to let everyone know some things.

1. If you want to get me anything for Christmas, birthdays or what have you, I would love gift certificates to Michael's or Target or even Home Depot so I can be creative with home decor or fix our place up a little at a time. (I have tons of ideas bouncing around in my head!) (We have some Home Depot GC we've earned and use them quite frequently, it seems you can't leave that place without spending a $100 or more!)

2. I am no longer collecting Pez. I appreciate all the Pez stuff everyone has gotten me over the years, but I feel like I have grown out of it and am trying to simplify.

3. We recently purchased some new stoneware that I love and need to update my Amazon wish list!

4. I am really getting into couponing. Yesterday we went out to run some errands one if which was to get some baseball card holders that can go into a 3 ring binder to hold coupons. So if you get the Sunday paper and find yourself with extra coupons and want to send them to me you can.
Also on a side note you can send expired coupons overseas to military families and they can use them! If your interested in that find the freebies2deals button on my sidebar and click over to Melea's site for more information.

I think that is enough random info for now. The kids are asleep and I am going to go through the Sunday paper and get my binder set up.
Hope everyone is having a nice lazy Sunday even if it may be a little cold and rainy like ours!

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Beth said...

will the bookcase fit on the wall where your calendar is? Or maybe on the right side of the fireplace? Or downstairs?