Friday, March 11, 2011

Crying...over spilt milk?

Today was a rough day...and it wasn't because of the spilt milk. Although we had plenty of it! You see this is what happens when you leave a 2 year old to eat her Cheerios and bananas by herself while you go pump. As you can see she ate her cereal and bananas all gone. (Our new stoneware by the way, pretty huh? We got a dark brown that can go with it as well)
But I think she may have

had a problem drinking the

Not to worry though my eldest daughter is a gem when it comes to helping with cleaning.

She knows to get the dish towel that is usually hanging from the stove and

she can wipe her messes up. Or her cute face if need be.

I have been having a rough few days with Aaron and had been wondering if my milk was running out because he just hasn't been nursing good and had kept coming and going. I had given him a bottle last night and he slept a little bit better and I was going to pump around 10pm assuming he was still asleep and see how much I got from pumping after nursing at 7pm. However my plans were foiled when Grace woke up crying. She usually never cries over anything and if she does she can stop pretty quick. But when she wakes up in the middle of the night she is inconsolable. And any comforting I do just seems to sort of encourage more dramatic crying. So usually I just put on Sesame Street to distract her for a little bit and then we go to bed. (Believe me I would rather spend 10 minutes comforting her and then put her back to bed than have her watch TV way late. But really I could spend 30 min trying to comfort her and not get anywhere and so its quicker to let her watch a little bit of Elmo and then turn it off. And we don't typically have any meltdowns when I do that either so that's what I do).
So anyway I was going to pump but it got way late and so I skipped it. Aaron woke at 145 to nurse and then again at 630 this morning. He was awake for the day! A little bit earlier than normal but not to bad (except I was tired). So he nursed a lil bit but once again not really committed to it. Here comes 830 and the boy is now tired and Grace is cranky when she wakes up. Wonderful. One is cranky and wants to sleep the other just woke up cranky. So I convince Grace to color a little bit while I put Aaron down for his nap and I come back to make her breakfast. But I want to pump to see if I am having any milk that is why I had to pump when I did.
I was pleasantly surprised to see 41/2 ounces, and am back to thinking a couple of things for Aaron. I am thinking he has been so fussy because he just has a little cold and he is feeling out of sorts, and he is becoming a lil bit of a "snacker" right now because he is so interested in looking around.
Later today though he was SOOO fussy and was driving me crazy! Nurse, don't nurse, sleep don't sleep. Happy, unhappy. Cooing, screaming! and whimpering. Finally he stopped crying when I was talking with Daddy and he seemed a bit back to normal as long as I held him the rest of the evening. And he went down to bed well tonight. We will see how the night goes.

Thank Goodness she didn't spill this milk! :)

I have no idea what she was saying specifically about her baby, but it was something important I am sure.

Oh I remember now! She was telling me that her baby was eating a cracker.

And it was as you can see. :)

So here are a couple of pics of the bookcase in its new home. I tried to "hide" all the books and yearbooks and keepsakes, etc at the bottom and displayed the neat little things we have at the top. The video camera is just hanging out there and not a part of the bookcase! lol

And then the bookcase from across the room, TV tray is now downstairs and the clutter is picked up a bit. And the exersaucer which belongs to my brother and sister in-law which will need to be going back to them in October because 1.) Aaron will be grown out of it by then but 2.) and more importantly they will need it again!!!! (So exciting!!)

Well its time to wrap this post up. Unfortunately my sweet husband had to stay in CO tonight. He was on his way to the airport when he got called back. I am hugely disappointed to have to wait to see my husband till tomorrow, however duty calls. I did kick butt on the treadmill today ran 2.25 miles and burned 400 calories. I also started up with my sit ups again yesterday. (I wish I was up to my previous 100 sit ups a day but am not. LOL!) Today I did 12 sit ups and then 12 side crunches with Grace sitting on me (extra weight counts for something doesn't it???) before Aaron desperately needed my attention.
Hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend!

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Beth said...

I am so proud of you! You are doing a great job on your consistent workouts! Grace's hair is getting so long and is beautiful! Those are all adorable pics of her! Maybe it is time to start some cereal for little man Aaron! Love all of you so much! Love the bookcase where you have it! Congrats to Curtis and Chelle!