Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Target Deals

So here is my first picture (and maybe only ha!) of my deals I got today at Target. I got everything in front of the diapers. The rest is just my regular ole stuff I haven't put away..lol. Diapers, toothpaste, new socks for each child and 2 new razors! I got all of these things for about $16! Those 2 razors are about $10 each typically. Like I mentioned last night we gave Aaron some rice cereal with breast milk to try. He loved it and did pretty good at eating it as well.

Of course he kept making faces like I was killing him! Lol!

Can you see his blond fuzzy hair?? I LOVE IT! It never occurred to me that it could be so blond, probably because Grace has more of a darker blond/brown hair.

Aaron is proving to be such a difficult stubborn little boy when it comes to going down for naps and to bed. Once he is asleep for the night he does good, but getting there is another thing! Tonight he went down easily for him, and slept for about 25 minutes and then the game was on and he was awake screaming with daddy for awhile. It took total about 1 1/2 hours to put him to sleep.
Although I do think he may be like his daddy and can't sleep when its too warm. I think he woke up from his nap early today because he got too hot. I had the space heater on in the room and although it felt nice and toasty to me, he seemed hot when I picked him up.
Last night he did his normal thing and got up once. Even with the rice cereal. It was about 3am that he woke up and he went to sleep about 730pm. A good long stretch, but he has done that occasionally even with just breastfeeding.
He has no sleep routine, much to my dismay. I wish he would get a routine even if it was something I didn't like, because then I would know what it was. *Sigh* Maybe at 6 months we will get one! :P

Ok well I got to get off the computer and take a bath. I did manage to work out a little bit before he woke up this afternoon and now my legs want a hot soak!

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you do realize he's going to look like donnie in a few years with the toehead blonde? ;)