Monday, March 28, 2011

Princess Grace

So Saturday I let Grace wear her princess dress up gown. It was a hand me down and its a little big for her but she loves it. I had a hard time getting her to look at me and smile. But I asked her what was in the pack n play just so I could see her go up on tippy toes. So cute!

What a wild thing!
We also had two ducks land in our yard and pay us a visit. The mommy duck is behind the railing, she is really hard to see.
Here she is peering from our front window at the ducks. We did feed them some left over hamburger buns. I tore a piece off of one and tossed it to the ducks. Then before I could say otherwise Grace reaches her whole hand into the bag and tosses the entire other hamburger bun! LOL! So the birds and the ducks had some bread. They settled in for a rest later and then were gone when we checked back later. But Grace thought they were fun.
This morning we took Grace to the pediatrician. Her ears are fine, she is a little congested but no ear infection, her ears looked great. She got another vaccination and was sad for just a short while before she was ready to run again! Aaron's ears also looked great and we talked about different foods for him. The Dr said we could give him a little bit of yogurt to get some probiotics back in his system, because his BM haven't been as "seedy" as they normally are, which is due to the antibiotics I am sure. Daddy also found Barley cereal today and we will try that.

It has been cold today and after the Dr appointment we came home and had a nice warm fire and played with her puzzles in front of it. She is so smart. She knows a lot of her shapes and can do her Melissa & Doug puzzles easily. She knows, circle, triangle, square, rectangle and ovals.

Aaron went down pretty easily and then was asleep for about 20 minutes before he woke up while I was getting Grace up. I tried to shush him back to sleep, however he was just getting mad mad mad. So I let him cry and he fell back to sleep. He is still asleep now.

Grace and I made Peanut Butter Banana Bread after she got up and its baking now. We have our small group tonight and will probably be back late, so I am taking the time to post now!

I will let you all know how the Barley cereal goes!

Love and Hugs.............

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